Best Athenian neighborhoods to stroll around

Best Athenian neighborhoods to stroll around
The most famous Athenian neighbourhood of Plaka is definitely a top attraction for visitors. Its picturesque streets, historic landmarks and lively shops make it a must-see. Just be prepared for the crowds.

The landmark Acropolis Museum and the pedestrian walkway linking the city’s ancient monuments has seen this historic neighbourhood emerge as one of Athens’ most fashionable postcodes. Its elegant architecture, spirited nightlife, and beguiling aura of authenticity have done no less than astonish every single visitor.

Layers of history intersect at the city’s hub of commerce and craftsmanship. Psiri has been one of the most vibrant areas in Athens for several decades. You can easily take a half day sitting around the numerous cafes and restaurants, or exploring the cool shops, art galleries and street art.

Just beyond the stunning promenade ringing the Acropolis, these two neighbourhoods offer an intriguing mix of classical splendour, cafe culture, and community spirit.

No other neighbourhood in Athens has seen such sweeping changes in recent years. But this grungy district of edgy galleries, hip bars, and ancient wonders is still on the cusp of gentrification.

This neighbourhood is on the slope of Mount Lycabettus, and its slight distance from the busy centre made it THE place to be for the crème de la crème of Athens. Behind the glamour of high heels, high-end boutiques, and sun-glassed locals sipping on iced coffees, Kolonaki is no stranger to history and culture.

The Athenian intelligentsia have long settled in this central neighbourhood of leafy squares and lively cafes. One of the most charming ways to make your way into the neighborhood is via the forested hills that float above the stadium and the rest of the city.

The lively area of Exarchia is where the heart of the alternative culture of Athens beats. Strolling around, you will see a typical Athenian urban landscape, with busy streets and politically charged graffiti and street art.

Bustling with life and an impressive mix of architectural styles, dynamic Kypseli is the epitome of an inner city Athenian neighborhood.